VICTORY  Cross Country / Cross Roads DROP IN SUBWOOFER ENCLOSURE for single 8″ or single 10″ woofer application

  • Fits all Victory Cross Country style saddlebags – Stock and aftermarket
  • Allows the use of a single 8″ subwoofer or single 10″ subwoofer
  • Drops into your saddlebag, no need for bodywork or fiberglass work.
  • Requires you to cut a hole in the back side of the bag to vent the sound out of the bag and allow proper woofer excursion.
  • Requires re position of locking arm inside bag
  • Provides a sealed enclosure for maximum bass response.
  • .5cf of airspace.
  • Ships with holes cut and speaker jack installed.
  • Made from Wood and Fiberglass construction