New for 2020.  The HEAVY HITTER – Custom Chopped Razr Trunk with Dual 8″ Forward Facing Speakers.

Now I know it says Razr trunk in that first sentence but make no mistake about it, this bad boy does not open. There is no hardware to be found. This trunk is completely sealed.
This trunk is made from hand laid composite fiberglass and sealed in production prior to be pulled from the mold. It will not open, ever. This trunk is designed for one thing and one thing only, to make a lot of fucking bass. With almost 2cf of airspace inside this trunk will house any 8″ subwoofer you throw at it. This can be made as one chamber or add the optional slot port design to separate and dominate the bass tune.

How do you install it you ask?
Simple, Mount it to the trunk mount prior to installing the speakers. Easily access the bolts right through the speaker holes.

Can I put shit in it?
Absolutely, just remember whatever you mount inside stays inside, secure it well. This trunk is made to beat the absolute shit out of some bass.

What bike does it fit?
All of em. If you have a mount, you can mount it to your bike, your tractor, your jetski, your bicycle, your honda accord, etc.

Does it have a backrest?
Optional small back pads can be made to go between the speakers but remember, this is no backrest.