Assault 26″ Road Glide

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2013 Harley Davidson Road Glide Conversion

Camerons 2013 Street Glide features an entire new body set for 2015. Starting with the front end we installed an American Suspension bolt on neck kit for a 26″ wheel. This was paired with an air piston set and RC Component wheel and matching rotors with a 6 piston Xtreme Machines caliper all wrapped underneath a custom Dirty South Designs front fender.

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The fairing is a custom 1 piece design from Dirty South Designs sporting a dual headlight HID setup with an aggressive feel. The inner fairing sports a single din bluetooth head unit paired with 4 component Polk Audio MM series 6.5’s powered by a diamond audio 4 channel 600w amp. The front of the frame is wrapped with a Dirty South Designs custom chin spoiler.

Dakota Digital Gauges were added to accent the front of this build. 14″ meathook handlebars were coated black and internally wired and paired with a set of Avon grips and Performance Machine mirrors. A custom tank dash was made to compliment the BadDad competition tank shroud. A La Pera seat was added and modified to fit seamlessly into the custom tank.

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The engine components were all powdercoated in a satin black finish and accented with a custom blue pearl. Dirty South Designs provided the custom horn cover as well. BadDad floorboards and foot controls were added as well as matching latch covers. Stretched side panels meet up perfectly with our new Assault tail.

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New for 2015 is Atlanta Custom Baggers Assault tail section. This tail is an illusion 1 piece that wraps from bag to bag. Easily removable with the standard 1/4 turn fasteners and a single seat bolt. This tail can be used with single, dual, turn down, or side exhaust making it highly universal. The Assault tail also has a hidden tail light option. The bag set is 4″ down over stock but can also be used with a stock bag set. The rear fender sculpt is 6 down and 9 back over stock but due to its unique body lines you will have full handling ability. The Assault tail is built to order and currently only being installed at Atlanta Custom Baggers

Rear air ride, custom lids and run/ turn / stop lights were added to the backend to complete this custom build. Both front and rear air ride are remote operated. The bags are fully lined on the inside with custom tethers.

Artwork runs front to back with opposing colors to compliment the blue fade. Joe Florida LEDs accent the bike and allow the custom cross to glow in the night.

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One Badass One Off Big Wheel Bagger

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The Trop Chop Chopper arrived at Atlanta Custom Baggers in March of 2014. It was long, low, and full of fish. The chopper was originally assembled in 2005 by Mid West Choppers. Being a custom bagger shop we had another direction in mind. A new beginning for this beast of a bike.


We knew there was going to be some challenges to this build from the beginning. The frame was low and long, the wide tire and belt drive would prove to be a small challenge, and building a body that flowed with the frame and tank would need to be well thought out. We called Darrin Davis of Dirty South Designs and threw some ideas around on how we could incorporate a once piece backend and slicked back fairing design into our project.


There were numerous aspects of the bike that we liked and wanted to accentuate throughout our design process. The one piece backend was fit to the frame and a custom seat pan was made to flow from the tank to the rear end. We knew audio was a must in the build and wanted the full sound of 6.5″ speakers from the bags that the rider could hear while flying down the road. The tank design and shape were mimicked in the rear speaker lids, hand sculpted out of clay and later fiberglass.


We needed tail lights. The more we sat and stared at the back of this beast the more we wanted them to be sleek, slim, and sexy. We gathered inspiration from a multitude of automotive and motorcycle designs of the past and threw the idea of sinking in a Victory tail light into both bags. Since the back of the backend was flat we needed to change that as well. Both bags were sculpted to flow around the pair of tail lights and into the center fender design.


The custom fairing was fitted to the front end with a custom built mount. It was at this time we decided that the original wheel had to go. The 21″ chrome front wheel was no match for the overall size of this bagger. We mocked up a 23″ and 26″ wheel and the decision was made to order a custom Renegade 26″ phantom cut wheel.

Next we needed a front fender for the new 26″ wheel. We already had a fender picked out for the 21″ wheel originally on the bike. We liked the design flow of the fender so we decided to modify it for the larger wheel.

WP_20141020_004 (1)

The color choice was made and the frame , swingarm, and engine were dis assembled for paint. The bike was then mocked up for the two tone graphic design to be added to it.


After paint, reassembly, and testing we added rear air ride to assist with ground clearance, a 7″ Navigation / Bluetooth / MP3 head unit, 4 Polk Audio Mobile Monitor 6.5″ speakers, Diamond Audio 600 watt amp, saddlebag liners, custom upholstered seat, and electronic actuating lids.

This Badass Big Wheel Bagger Features

A One Off Custom Front Fairing with Navigation, Audio, and HID Headlight
Dakota Digital Gauge Set
26″ Renegade Front Wheel and Matching Rotor
American Suspension Front End
Custom Softail Frame
Custom  Gas Tank
Custom Seat Pan
S&S Super Sidewinder 124ci Engine
S&S Super E Carb
Slash Cut Sidewinder Exhaust
3″ Open Belt Primary
6 speed transission
One of a kind 1 piece Bagger Backend
Dual Actuating Speaker Lids
Rear Air Ride
10.5″ Rear Wheel
260 Rear Tire


For Sale – Inquire for Pricing

2015 Great American Motorcycle Show Wrap Up


This year at the Great American Motorcycle Show Atlanta Custom Baggers was proud to unveil 2 of our totally custom projects from 2014. Along with 6 other customer bikes showcasing our fabrication, new parts, and wicked paint skills, we brought out 2 one of kind builds to show the bike world.



This machine started as a 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide getting a full ACB makeover with 26″ RC Component front wheel with airbrush artwork, front and rear air ride, custom 1 piece road glide style fairing, custom front fender and chin spoiler, tank shroud, stretched side covers rolling into our own Assault backend, and much more!

This one off custom chopper got a full big wheel bad ass makeover in 2014 including a phantom cut 26″ Renegade front wheel and rotor, custom fairing, wicked custom 1 piece backend with actuating lids, and more!


Bobby Standridge brought out the True Blood inspired softail with a full bagger backend and wicked custom artwork done at ACB.

We would like to thank the Great American Motorcycle Show for the great hospitality as well as our customers and clients who allowed us to show off their badass rides. See you next year!

“HULK” Victory Cross Country Big Wheel Bagger

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HULK Cross Country

Pablos Victory Cross Country Tour started off as a standard abs model touring bike. Atlanta Custom Baggers started this build in the back of the bike by adding our phat daddy rear layover fender. This allowed the option to retain the stock tail light and turn signal bar. For this build we chose to retain only the tail light and relocate the turn signals into the saddlebag lids. Next we added our full wrap saddlebag extensions and flared and stretched side covers. For this build both were molded to the bags to create a one piece molded saddlebag.

The stock touring trunk was replaced with our custom Vic Razr  and bagger mount for a sleeker more streamlined feel. The stock saddlebags lids were replaced with our hand sculped 6×9 speaker lids packed with Polk MM series speakers which not only gives the bike some added sounds but also gives it some added attitude in styling.

Next we added the rear air ride and centerstand, HMD 520 Game Changer rake kit, and 23″ front wheel with our ground pounder full wrap front fender. This fender was modified with the added grills to match the HULK theme. We then hand sculpted the 3D chin spoiler to replace the boring stock plastic one and accented it with matching green grills as well.

The paint was done in house by expert painters and bodymen Lorne Milz, Alex Anderson, and Bobby Rivera. A black base filled with vibrance green pearl was layed down and followed up with green accents and some killer airbrush work to set the HULK off.

Cycle Gear 10th Anniversary Party


Join Atlanta Custom Baggers and Over TWO Customs this coming Saturday, 3/22/2014 at the Lawrenceville, GA Cycle Gear from 11am – 4pm.

Check out some of our customer builds and shop builds this weekend!



Join ATLANTA CUSTOM BAGGERS and Over TWO Customs this January at the GREAT AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE SHOW in Norcross, GA Jamuary 24th through the 26th.

ACB will be bringing some of our winter builds as well as some other client bikes over the last year.

Come see Ghostrider, the T Rex, Megatron, and the unveiling of the Carerra 1300R.

Tickets available online or at the gate.

2013 Atlanta Motorcycle Rally


Come check out some bad ass baggers, wicked street bikes, and other custom rides at this years Atlanta Motorcycle Rally.

Founded in 2012, the Atlanta Motorcycle Rally will host bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country.  The annual event will be held at Atlanta Motor Speedway for 2013.  AMR will convene with over 30,000 bikers who ride cruisers and sport bikes.

The hosting clubs vary in background and styles, including young and old riders who all share the love of motorcycling.

ACB @ Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Advocare 500


Atlanta Custom Baggers and Over TWO Customs will be presenting the Advocare 500 event sponsors with custom painted helmets for the Labor Day Weekend. We would like to thank Atlanta Motor Speedway for this fantastic opportunity!